R2kTpmg Raw Plate for that lunch break

Raw Plate for that lunch break

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Welcome We've got something fresh and invigorating while also upbeat.  

Cabbage - Mango - Daikon

It's not until you take that first bite you realize you made the right decision.  Raw sweet and tangy.  


Mango Slices

Daikon pickled

Red Cabbage pickled

Pickling root Vegetables without garlic, vinegar, sugar or sea salt.

You'll need a gallon size ball canning jar.

Pack this jar tightly with cabbage or daikon or whatever root vegetable you want to pickle.

Leave a two inch head space for salted liquid that will cover the roots


  • Dill

  • Thyme

  • Cayenne peppers

  • 1/2 cup of himalayan salt

Layer the jar or pickling crock (be sure it's not lead based) with veggies

add 1/2 gallon of clean unchlorinated water (chlorine will kill the beneficial bacteria and yeast) mixed with the salt

Pour over veggies then cover for one week

check periodically for issues listed below.

PROBLEMS: White scum appears during fermentation.

Answer: Safe—the scum is a layer of yeast and/or mold but is not harmful. Possible reasons

  • Vegetables are not submerged in brine.

  • Pickling container is not sealed.

*Skim off scum regularly to prevent slime

PROBLEMS: Pickles or sauerkraut is soft or slippery.

Answer: Unsafe—slime-producing microorganisms are present. Possible reasons

  • Brine is too weak (less than l0 to l2 percent salt), allowing growth of organisms that cause texture softening and sliminess.

  • Vinegar is too weak (less than 5 percent acetic acid), allowing growth of organisms that cause texture softening and sliminess.

  • Temperature was too high during brining (over 750 F).

  • Too little brine—all cucumbers must be immersed.

  • Salt was unevenly distributed on cabbage.

  • Sauerkraut was improperly packed, leaving air pockets that allowed undesirable microorganisms to grow.

  • Scum was not removed daily from surface of brine.

  • The cucumber blossom was not removed—enzymes from the blossom cause softening.


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