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It takes courage to change behavior. Even if the change is a benefit and can provide a positive outcome. In fact, it's downright scary. Having a guide can reduce the fear and provide motivation to move forward.

Are you contemplating beginning a fast but not sure if you want to? Is it the idea of removing foods from your diet you enjoy and have been taught are nutritious? Not surprising. The thing is the environment of today no longer supports old beliefs of yesteryear. The number of critically ill citizens isn't all about their choices it's also about the nutrient density no longer available in much of the food today simply because the soil conditions and water no longer contain what plants once took up into their stems and leaves that provided those nutrients. Just like us they are standing on nothing but a mere image of what once was.

It is important to know what to buy and how to prepare it to get the most out of foods to preserve the health and vitality of the body we use to live our lives. This is a serious truth facing us today. One that can no longer be ignored especially if you are already fighting to remain healthy or are at this time taking medicine for a condition like diabetes or thyroid. Starting a fast can begin the process of enjoying the health that is a birthright to all. Get started and get healthy.

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